Who We Are

Richard and Debbie Hirsch, Austin, Texas

We have collected and built various automobiles since 1979 and now we are retired and enjoying our old cars. We occasionally have one for sale - check out "Our Cars." We attend car cruises and shows and walk regularly with our Alaskan Malamute, Abby.

We are members of the North Texas Oldsmobile Club (since 1989) and will be adding more stories and pictures from events we have attended. We enjoy the old cars (especially Oldsmobiles) and the great people associated with them. We have attended several Oldsmobile National events as well as the 100th Anniversary of Oldsmobile in Lansing, Michigan (see story).

Hope you enjoy viewing some of our photos.

This web site was started by Debbie in February, 2009. We set up this site to share our cars and more with anyone interested in looking. We add photo galleries to the "Favorite Things" page as we have time to edit photos.  Check back to see what has been added since your last visit. We have hundreds of photos that still need to be posted on the site. Some of the cars we have owned will start to appear as the pictures get scanned (photos taken pre digital camera days).

Richard retired from auto sales several years ago and Debbie retired from The University of Texas March 1, 2014. Our focus these days is to downsize.

The stories on the pages are written by me (Debbie) and the stories are written from my viewpoint. I apologize if I haven't added new updates in a while. Life sometimes interrupts our best laid plans.

Thank you for visiting. Comments about the web site on inquiries about our cars can be sent to hmcoldstuff@gmail.com.