2014 Cruise to Fredericksburg, Texas

Our North Texas Oldsmobile Club once again cruised to Fredericksburg October 31 - November 2, 2014. The weather was perfect and we had a fabulous time. On Friday drivers began arriving from around Texas. We were on our own for dinner and then we attended the Rockbox Theater for a wonderful show "George and Friends." One of the Rockbox regulars is a dead ringer for George Strait and he had on hand other performers who also were great tribute performers - Tina Turner and Alan Jackson and a surprise tribute Stevie Nicks. During the evening some of our club members were volunteered to help the show with their own performance of YMCA.

On Saturday morning a tour of the Milton Crenwelge Car Collection was scheduled (sorry we didn't go so I don't have any of those pictures). Then we had lunch and met at 1:30 pm for a cruise along the beautiful hill country backroads to Waring, Texas. The population in 2000 was shown as 59.

See the photo album from the cruise > >

We met back at the hotel around 5:30 pm to prepare for the raffle and to enjoy the costumes. We were challenged to dress in costumes appropriate for the era of our cars. There were several couples as hippies (enough to form our own commune); June and Ward Cleaver (June brought a pie); Doctor Oldsmobile; President Clinton with wife Hillary, daughter Chelsea and his secret service agent; computer nerd with his pocket protector filled with some great items such as a rotary phone dialer and a ballpoint pen from the dealer he bought his Oldsmobile from; Hot Lips Houlihan and Hawkeye Pierce from the MASH 4077th unit; a race car driver; and a policeman in his Oldsmobile police car writing tickets to everyone (the officer was the father of the race car driver and he wrote her a ticket).

For dinner we had a terrific meal catered at the hotel meeting room. Thanks to Denise Camba for organizing this. We had chicken and beef fajitas that were delicious.

Enjoy the photo album from dinner > >