Debbie's Stuff

I worked for The University of Texas at Austin from 1970 - 1979 and then spent the following 15 years building cars with my husband, Richard. I felt a little left out of the computer world so I went back to the university in 1995 and started as a receptionist in the Office of Graduate Studies. When things were slow in the office I would read the computer operating manual (Macintosh tan box computer with a CRT monitor). Everyone thought I was crazy but I explained that although I didn't always know what I was reading, I would remember it when I tried to do something on the computer. During that time I also learned to use Filemaker Pro the first time (version 2.0 back then). Really liked it. Within a few months of working there the dean's executive assistant asked me to work for her keep the program roster (in FMP) and designing layouts for it. I also assisted with the Graduate Assembly, Preparing Future Faculty Program, and other assignments. Then I was asked to be the coordinator for the Faculty Development Program and did that for a few years. That only kept me busy for about 7 months out of the year so I learned how to create web pages (starting with Adobe PageMill and then moving on to Macromedia Dreamweaver and then to Adobe CS products). I was eventually asked to be the webmaster and the desktop support for the office in 2003. I retired from UT at the end of February 2014. Now I am retired with my husband and doing some web site design and updating part of the time. Since I have retired I wonder how I ever had enough time to go to work at an office. I want to spend more time gardening, walking the dog, doing web stuff, and working on some creative projects I have started on (family books, geneaology and home movies to DVD). Still love the Mac computers and would never think of using anything else.

In 2002 I took a beginning flash class.  I haven't used it much since then but it was fun.

My first simple animated gif

My first flash short clip (a bit rough but I got an A in the class)

A little later I took a class on using Apple's Final Cut Studio. Unbelievable software. Unfortunately Apple made changes to the program that most regular users hated and the newer versions wouldn't open older projects. They killed an amazing software program. I took some old home movies my husband had on reel to reel and imported them to my computer to create an edit of trampoline and gymnastics that his father had filmed back in the 1950s. This was the project I worked on in that class. Lots of fun and I would like to do more of it. Just need to set up a computer with an older Mac OS so I can run the Final Cut software on it. Watch the video (Yes, I know I misspelled one of the pass through words but until I can set up an older computer I can't edit the file - oh well, it is still fun to watch.)

Here's a clip of our dog Abby as a puppy playing with a beetle. No harm came to the beetle during the making of this film.
Watch now > >

Some Favorite Stuff

Richard baked me a race cake (2002). I think he did a very good job since he doesn't bake.

birthday cake

I bake decorated cookies every year at Christmas. Everyone says they are delicious and that they taste as good as they look. Sugar cookie recipe with real butter and frosting that has almond extract for a punch of flavor. I enjoy baking but seem to do most of it at Christmas and only occasionally the rest of the year.

christmas cookies

more christmas cookies