1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 442 sports coupe

Saffron Yellow with Black Vinyl
bucket seats with console
Turbo 400 hydramatic
Power steering, power brakes
Air conditioning
Wire wheel covers
Firestone redline tires
AM radio

Introduced as a single model in 1966, the Cutlass Supreme was introduced as a new series in 1967. In 1967 the Supreme was the only series in which the popular 442 could be ordered. In 1967, there were 24,287 442s built and of these, 8,928 Cutlass Supreme hardtops were built with the optional automatic transmission. The 442 package included a special 350 h.p. 400 cubic inch V-8 engine, F-70x14 tires, heavy-duty suspension components, special 442 emblems on the front fenders and rear decklid and dual exhausts. The best horsepower-to-weight ratio was found on the 3,452 pound sports coupe at 9.86 pounds per h.p. Standard 442 features included: 442 grille, 442 emblems, louvered hood, paint stripes that extended from the front of the car to slightly behind the driver's door, 442 Rocket V-8 engine, heavy duty front and rear shocks, heavy duty front and rear springs, heavy duty front and rear stabilizer bars, heavy duty radiator, heavy duty propeller shaft, heavy duty front engine mounts, heavy duty battery, dual exhausts, heavy duty wheels.

This was a one family owned car when we purchased it in April 1990. It had 99,303 original miles on it at that time. The car was purchased new in Austin, Texas at Charles Maund Oldsmobile by Mrs. Catherine McGuire on April 7, 1967 and later given to her daughter, Mrs. Lola Craig, in 1983. After buying the car from Mrs. Craig we began the frame off restoration. The original owner's manual and protect-o-plate came with the car.

The car was originally aqua with a black vinyl top. We didn't want to go back with that combination so it was important to completely strip the car. The body was removed from the frame and the frame plastic media blasted and repainted black enamel. The vinyl top was removed. The body was stripped using plastic media low-pressure blasting. The body on this car was in excellent condition. There was minor trunk rust and a small amount of rust on the floor boards. The rear window channeling which always rusts through on these cars was repaired using a replacement panel. Replacement panels were also used in the trunk and a small section of the inside of the car. The car was repainted with the doors, fender, hood and decklid off the car and all glass removed. The car was refinished in Oldsmobile Saffron Yellow. The image below shows the car just after painting.

car on rotisserie

On the frame all brake and fuel lines were removed and cleaned and the clips replaced. The front end was rebuilt including upper and lower ball joints, wheel seals, dust covers and A-arm bushings. New front and rear shocks were installed. The coil springs were blasted and repainted. The fuel tank was cleaned and sprayed with clear enamel. The differential was checked and cleaned and all fluids were refreshed. The brake cylinders were all rebuilt and new brake hoses installed front and rear and a new master cylinder installed.

New body mounts were installed on the frame before remounting the body. New door, roof rail, trunk and vertical window weatherstrips were installed along with a new hood to cowl seal and new door lock and handle gaskets.

We rebuilt the engine using .40 over cast aluminum pistons, new cam and lifers, new rockers, bearings, fuel pump, water pump, oil pump, oil pressure switch, temperature switch and more. The heads were rebuilt. The engine was refinished in the correct 442 bronze. Exhaust manifolds were bead blasted and painted with high heat stainless steel paint. The engine was installed with new motor mounts. The distributor and carburetor were rebuilt and new fuel lines installed. The transmission was rebuilt and new transmission mount and linkage installed. New thermostat and water pump were installed.

In the engine compartment the wiring harness was checked and repaired as needed. All components on the firewall were removed, cleaned and inspected. New radiator and a-frame seals were installed. The radiator support was blasted and repainted and headlight buckets and grille components cleaned. T-3 original equipment headlights were installed. The air cleaner was polished and new engine decals completed the engine compartment. The radiator was cleaned and checked and a new radiator cap, hoses and heater hoses installed.

Reproduction chambered and tipped exhaust were installed. Pipes were all cleaned and refinished with stainless steel high heat paint.

The final touch on the car's exterior was the factory correct hand painted pinstripe.

The original headliner in the car was in excellent condition so it only needed to be cleaned. A new package tray, carpet, seat covers, sill plate moldings, glove box liner, light lenses, steering column seal, firewall pad, brake pedal pad and heater core were installed in redoing the interior. The dash was repainted and all controls and instruments checked and cleaned.

The trunk was cleaned, primed and fresh black/aqua spatter paint applied. A new factory correct hounds tooth rubber mat was installed along with refinished jacking tools and a new spare tire. New trunk decals were applied.

Wheels were media blasted and repainted gloss black and new Firestone F-70-15 redline tires mounted. Original wire hubcaps were disassembled, cleaned and refinished. Bumpers were rechromed and installed with freshly blasted and repainted brackets, new bumper bolts and bumper rubbers.

This was the fastest restoration we ever completed on a car - took us 2 months from start to finish. That is the only project we worked on during that two months and everything fell into place just right.

When we finished the car we called Mrs. Craig's family and asked when there would be a good time to bring the car by their house so they could see what the car looked like now. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised that there was a family gathering going on at the Craig house so they could all see the car. Mrs. McGuire (the original purchaser of the car) was there to see the car she had bought new. She loved it. After getting a ride in the car, Mrs. McGuire poses for a photo.

original car owner

In October 1990 the car was entered in the Oldsmobile Club of America (OCA) Regional Zone Meet at Henry Butts Oldsmobile in Dallas. The car finished first in its class - 1964-1969 442 and Performance - Closed. At the 1992 Memorial Day OCA Zone Meet in Dallas at the Harvey Hotel the car placed first in its class and we received the North Texas Oldsmobile's Ransom E. Oldsmobile award at the meet.

442 at Henry Butts Oldsmobile

We sold the car in February 1993 and it went to a new home in Alexandria, Virginia.