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1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible

Progress Report: Photos up to 9/6/2014

The frame was in really good shape - just surface rust.

Front of frame initial photo

The frame all stripped

stripped frame

The frame was cleaned and prepped for POR-15. We made the mistake of getting the semi-gloss POR-15 rust treatment and we really should have bought the gloss because the semi-gloss dries unevenly compared to the gloss so it was somewhat blotchy. I called the POR-15 folks and they said that was how the semi gloss dried but it didn't matter because it doesn't show. Of course it shows - when you view the underside. I told them it would have been nice if they had mentioned this in their literature. We had to use an etching primer on it and put a finish coat on top to get the finish we wanted. Probably good because anything refinished with POR-15 will change to a whitish/gray in color when exposed to UV rays. Generally not a problem on a frame but probably good that it is topcoated.

front of frame - refinished

painted frame

We refinished the front suspension parts.

refinished a-arm

We found a better radiator support in the rafters. We sent it along with the transmission cross mount and lower radiator piece to be blasted and then we repainted them.

front radiator support - raw

refinished radiator support

Transmission and lower support tray

refinished transmission support

The fuel tank is mounted to the body. Spectra offers these stock appearance tanks already fitted with the electric fuel pump for fuel injection applications.

fuel tank mounted

Starting to rehang the front end components, steering box, new motor mounts (had to get motor mounts for the 1972 Chevelle to go in to mount this engine to. The old radiator support is still in the car for now.

"O" type rear end temporarily in the car to roll the chassis. Will update the 1972 Cutlass rear end with Auburn positraction and a 3:42 gear to replace the "O" 12-bolt.

temporary rear end

The engine to be installed in the car.