1967 Cutlass F-85 coupe

Ivory/pearl vinyl bucket seats
330 ci V-8, automatic
air conditioning

We found this car in Amarillo during the 80s. It had suffered front end damage but the car was low mileage and in very good condition. No rust in the floorpans and you can see from the "before pictures" that it was in solid condition to start with. It had the original cloth/vinyl interior with a bench seat - when we rebuilt the car we installed bucket seats and a new pearl vinyl interior. The pearl vinyl was a 1967 color so they looked good. We were able to reuse with the door panels which were in great condition. When we installed the new turquoise carpet we put new carpet on the bottom of the door panels and they looked new again.

We did put another frame under the car since we had one from a 4-door 67 Cutlass we could use. The frame was repainted before the body went back on. When we rebuilt the engine we installed an Offenhauser 4 barrel intake and installed unleaded fuel friendly heads. The air conditioning was repaired as needed. See some pictures "during the rebuild."

At the time Richard's nephew was interested in the car so we installed new wheels and tires that he liked and they looked great. When the car was completed we took it to Nashville where Richard's aunt Gov lived and met Richard's nephew there. He was stationed in North Carolina and picked the car up in Nashville. The lower right pictures shows Richard's nephew in the car in Nashville. He was not too kind to the car and drove it hard. He blew up the transmission and had to replace it and then went around a corner too fast one time and put a dent in the left quarter. He quit sending payments for the car and dropped out. It was just by sheer coincidence that we saw the car again a few years later. It was smoking pretty bad and up for auction at the Amarillo Auto Auction. John had traded it off. Buyers at the auction were a bit afraid of the car with it smoking so we got it back for a very reasonable price. We took it back home and repaired it again and sold it to a doctor in Austin who took much better care of it. Later when he was ready to sell it we found a buyer and he still has the car.