1976 Cadillac Seville

White, Gray Leather
Original Oldsmobile fuel-injected 350 with turbo 400 transmission
75,217 original miles
Power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats
Air conditioning
AM-FM radio
Power Antenna
Cruise Control

The front end has been completely rebuilt with all new components and realignment.
The engine and transmission have been removed, resealed and reinstalled.
New exhaust system
New cooling system
New belts and hoses
New fuel injectors and lines
Steering box removed, resealed and reinstalled
A/C system evacuated and recharged (R-12)
Master cylinder and brake hoses new, system flushed
New fuel pump and filter

This car was traded in to us on a Mercedes back in 1979. The car was silver at the time and had the GM bad paint problem but was nice to drive. It found a new home with Richard's mom in Amarillo, Texas. She was in the hospital at one time for some surgery so we took that time to take it to have a complete color change to white. Car was much prettier white. Richard's mom did not drive much. When she got the car it had 50,000 miles on it and when she passed away it had under 75,000 miles - I think we and other family members put more miles on it when we were in Amarillo than Richard's mom. The car was family owned until we sold it in 2011.

UPDATE: The Seville was sold in April, 2011 and went to a new home in Sugar Land, Texas. The new owner upgraded the powerplant with a late model fuel-injected engine (see the upgrades pictured below).

76 seville engine replaced 76 seville upgrade