1981 Mercedes 300TD Turbo Diesel

I have always loved the Mercedes 123 chassis station wagons. Of all of those we have owned this had to be my favorite. We put some beautiful Centra wheels on this Signal Red wagon and it looked very nice. We even pulled the grey grill insert out and painted it red to match the car - it was quit striking. The station wagons were so comfortable for drive long distances - the longer wheel base on the wagon versus the sedan gave for a great ride on the highway. This car had palomino (tan) leather which paired well with the red exterior.

We took these pictures on one of our visits to Amarillo. We were parked in the lot in front of the Mercedes-Benz dealer on a Sunday - they were closed and we were just seeing what they had in inventory. While we were sitting in the car we could feel the car slowly sinking. Amarillo had experienced an overload of rain not long before that and this was fairly new asphalt and obviously the ground hadn't been compacted enough. We decided to leave before we got stuck.

Beautiful car - Have not seen another one of these cars in red since we sold this one.