1960 MGA

I had this car when Richard and I got married in 1979. It was British Racing Green originally. Before I used to take it for a drive I always felt the need to call a wrecker to follow me. The only time it made it there and back was when I was driving it to work at The University of Texas. One day I was leaving work and someone came barreling out of a parking lot on campus and damaged the front left fender. He said he didn't see me. I can understand that - this was a little car. He failed to mention that he didn't hear my horn which I was holding down the entire time he kept coming over. The damage would have been much worse if I hadn't driven up on the sidewalk trying to avoid him. After that I was never comfortable riding in a little car.

When we owned German Auto Center we had a mechanic that was good with British cars so I had the car restored in our shop with me doing some of the work (and looking far and wide for parts). This was the first restoration for me and Richard. I labeled all the fasterners and put them in baby food jars (this was before they had those ziplock plastic bags that work good for labelling fasteners). The fasteners were also difficult to find for this car - they were British Standard. One night someone from the shop (no one would ever own up to this) decided they needed the baby food jars more than I did and they dumped all the fasteners into a bucket. There went my meticulous labeling system. This made the task or reassembling everything a bit more difficult.

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We decided to eliminate the "green" car bad luck and paint it red. It was really cute when it was done but my fond memories of calling wreckers reminded me that the best time to sell it was now when it looked its best. Amazingly the guy who bought the car used it as a daily driver and never had a breakdown in it. He is pictured in the photo above with his new purchase.

I think the car just knew I didn't care much for British sports cars. So glad I had it but so glad it found a new happy home.