Richard's First 442

The yellow car pictured here was Richard's first 442 - a 1967 442 2 door post car that was Saffron yellow with a black vinyl top. It had a rare 3-speed floor shift. It had power steering and brakes but no air conditioning. There were 4,751 Cutlass sport coupes built that year and only 422 of those were 3-speeds. Back in those days he didn't keep a car very long before he traded so he didn't have this one for long. The drag car and the 1957 Chevy in the driveway belonged to his friend Bobby Dale Clark. These pictures were taken in September 1967.



The passenger in the car below was Richard's friend Rusty Parks. Rusty was riding in a rare 1965 Chevelle L-79. Bobby Clark owned the car and sold it to Kelly Williamson. It was a beautiful Evening Orchid in color. Only 6,021 1965 Chevelle and El Camino L-79 cars were built. They had a 327 365-h.p. engine with a solid lifter cam so were quite rare. It was a bucket seat, 4-speed car. Kelly later wrecked the car - it would be worth a small fortune today.