1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Tri-power L-69 Holiday coupe

Information from the data plate:
Color: AA - solid black
Interior: 987-B - parchment buckets
E2L E2G (tinted windshield, 4-speed floorshift, console)
5V (designates 442 trim)
Car was built in Lansing, Michigan

There were 21,997 Oldsmobiles built with the 442 package in 1966. Of these, there were 13,493 Cutlass Holiday coupes built with the 442 package. Only 1,171 Holiday coupes were equipped with the 442 with the L-69 3x2 bbl engine.

We originally bought this car with the intention of one day restoring it. As we are getting older we have narrowed down those projects we will finish. This car would make a fantastic project for someone. The car has rust in the typical places such as the windshield channel and the rear glass channel. This car sat in West Texas for many years before we bought it. The back end of the car sat in the dirt so the quarter panels have rust down low. The frame is solid but has surface rust. Most of the floorpan is solid with a few holes. The interior floorpans can be repaired without replacement but it would probably be easier to put a new trunk pan in the car. UPDATE 2022: We have decided to go ahead and repair the rusted panels. We are having patch panels installed where the rust had caused holes or other deterioration. We plan to update the photos and list it for sale at that time. It will still be someone's project but the mechanicals and all major rust repair will be done. Will need the paint and interior refurbished at that point.

The car appears to have the original paint. The car had the original interior in it and all needs to be redone. It has the original bucket seats and back seat. The car has a rallye pak. The car is a 4-speed floorshift with console, does not have air, does not have power steering and does not have power brakes. The original shaved hood is still on the car (the 1966 442 did not come with chrome trim down the center of the hood). There is an extra set of body side moldings with the car. There is also an extra grill in addition to the original grill.

We did a title search on the car through the Texas Department of Transportation. The protect-o-plate shows that the first owner was W. R. Pierce in Cuba, New Mexico. The Texas Department of Transportation's records on this car began March 28, 1973 when the car was sold by W. R. Pierce of Odessa, Texas to Orval Pierce in Odessa, Texas. It appears that the original owner most likely transferred the car to a son or other relative as they shared the same last name. We bought the car on our dealer license from that owner in April 1993 and registered it to us individually in December 1998 when we decided to keep the car.

We have a January 1991 copy of Musclecar Review that has an article about 442 tri-carb cars. We also have a showroom brochure for the car, and the original owner's operating manual. The owner's warranty book with the protect-o-plate in it shows the delivery date to be July 26, 1966 (a late production 1966 car).

It appears the car was probably raced at one time due to a thicker steel cross support under the front support of the car.

We intended to build this car but we have other projects to complete and we are getting too old to keep up the pace. Someone would need to complete the remaining cosmetic work. This would be a great car for someone to finish building. Mechanical is done. This car is for someone looking for a rare and solid car that deserves to be restored. This rare L-69 repainted to the original black and outfitted in a new parchment interior would be beautiful.

We have bought some items for the car and had some work done over the years and includes:

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First photos taken before recent work done > >

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RECENT UPDATES (as of April 2023 - additional work and photos of progress)